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What are the Reasons to Buy Premium Lab Created E-juice

For E-cigarettes and vaping their soul is the e-juice. This is often also called an e-liquid. The e-juice is where the flavor flows from. The popularity in vaping has created a wide variety of brands and flavors. Premium lab created e-juices are one of the best quality products available. Premium lab created e-juices are manufactured in […]

Benefits of Buying at a Vapor Galleria Vape Shop

With the vaping market becoming popular worldwide, the need for more vape shops has increased. Newly created vape shops don’t have the customer recognition that stores in longer-term markets have. Deciding what vape store to buy your vaping products from can be difficult. Vapor Galleria is a chain of vape shops that has been a […]

Vaping and E-liquids

Among today’s hottest trends is vaping. The many types of e-cigarettes and flavors of e-liquids available is growing daily. The heart of the e-cigarette, where the flavor comes from, is the e-liquid, also known as e-juiceThe e-liquid has only a few ingredients. This include the base, the flavor and nicotine, if there is any. The […]

Quitting Smoking with Vaping

The question of using vaping as a safe way for traditional cigarette smokers to quit or cut-down on their smoking is a hot topic of debate. Web MD explains current evidence suggests that smoking e-cigarettes may be safer than smoking traditional cigarettes. Tobacco products filled with toxins that are emitted when smoked is one of […]

Secondhand Smoking VS Secondhand Vaping

The more popular that e-cigarettes are becoming, the more studies that have been done to prove and/or disprove their safety. From the few studies that have been conducted on the safety of electronic cigarettes, even fewer have come out with any negative findings. For the few studies that do find a small amount of “dangerous chemicals” […]

Electronic Cigarettes eJuice Bottles Has A New Future

In the past, there have been a few incidents involving e-cigarettes’ juices and unfortunately kids who are getting their hands on it. Most of these incidents have turned out to be all right but they still have still raised alarm throughout the country that there needs to be better safety features on the eJuice bottles. There […]

There Is A New And Surprising Ruling In New York

One case in New York has the potential to bring momentum to the e-cigarette cause. There was apparently a man who was vaping form his e-cig on a subway platform. A cop came across this and decided to gave him a smoking citation. The e-cig owner did not like this decision at all. He knew […]

Some Factors To Vaping

Exhaling – When you exhale out of your nose, you heighten of your sense of smell when vaping. This heightened sense makes the vaping experience way more enjoyable especially if experiencing the flavor is one of your favorite parts. An interesting fact about exhaling vapor through the nose is that nicotine known to be more […]

Flavors Being Used To Attract Minors?

These days a lot of our favorite e-liquids come in some of our favorite flavors. Anything from deserts to fruits and even some of the beverages we love. So of course any anti-smoking group is going to use this as ammunition to claim that e-cigarettes are trying to attract teen and the younger crowd. Don’t […]

Electronic Cigarettes: Toxic or Not?

Based off of recent studies, the argument that vapor causes damage to the lungs has proven to be false. The BAT (British American Tobacco), has given more backing to e-cigarette supporters.  With the help of MatTek Corporation, models of the human lung cells were made in order to go further with the study. The study then […]