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Vaping 101: The Basics And Common Misconceptions

You probably have heard about vaping, but actually you might not know much about the details. In addition, there are plenty of common misunderstandings surrounding the health affects of vaping compared to smoking. So that’s why this article is going to attempt to teach you the essentials of vaping. Let’s begin with “Vaping 101,” class […]

The Top Three Vape-Friendly Cities in the U.S.

For vapers who travel regularly or are planning on traveling, there are specific cities that will welcome you happily, while others should probably be avoided all together. As vaping remains misunderstood across the country, you’ll want to keep this list stored away for future reference.   So let’s get down to it. These are the […]

Fact: Cigarettes are Not Vape Pens

Electronic cigarettes are far too frequently confused for Advanced Personal Vaporizers (APVs) or more commonly known as “Vape Pens.” The producers and consumers of vaping products want you (and lawmakers and media) to understand that there is are major variances between the devices.   What an E-Cigarette is.   Let’s start with what an electronic […]

Vaping-Facts-Vaping Safer Alternative to Smoking

With the increasing popularity of vaping there have been growing concerns about whether or not it’s safer than smoking tobacco products. Due to these concerns extensive research is being done. The results so far have been yes, vaping is safer than smoking tobacco cigarettes.   The Royal College of Physicians (RCP) just finished their research […]

Vaping-Facts-Vapers Choose Less Nicotine

Some Vapers are making a healthier choice when smoking to use e-juices that contain lower levels of nicotine, or none at all. This is good choice due to the potential health issues that may be associated with nicotine. For traditional tobacco smokers that switched to vaping, this is especially true. There is some level of […]

Vaping-Facts- What is an E-juice & Lab Created Liquids

E-juice is one of the main components used in vaping products. It is also called an e-liquid. The e-juice holds the flavors, and if any, the nicotine. The vapor that the vape smoker inhales is made from the heated e-juice. The heated liquid also makes the vapor cloud. There are a wide variety of flavors […]

Vaping-Facts about e-cigs & Mods

E-cigs and mods are the two main style of vaping devices. Generally the e-cig is the much better known type of device. The e-cigs body style tends to be more like a traditional tobacco cigarette. The mod body style tends to be wider and comes in various shapes and sizes.   Often both styles of […]

What are the Reasons to Buy Premium Lab Created E-juice

For E-cigarettes and vaping their soul is the e-juice. This is often also called an e-liquid. The e-juice is where the flavor flows from. The popularity in vaping has created a wide variety of brands and flavors. Premium lab created e-juices are one of the best quality products available.   Premium lab created e-juices are […]

Benefits of Buying at a Vapor Galleria Vape Shop

With the vaping market becoming popular worldwide, the need for more vape shops has increased. Newly created vape shops don’t have the customer recognition that stores in longer-term markets have. Deciding what vape store to buy your vaping products from can be difficult. Vapor Galleria is a chain of vape shops that has been a […]

Vaping and E-liquids

Among today’s hottest trends is vaping. The many types of e-cigarettes and flavors of e-liquids available is growing daily. The heart of the e-cigarette, where the flavor comes from, is the e-liquid, also known as e-juiceThe e-liquid has only a few ingredients. This include the base, the flavor and nicotine, if there is any. The […]