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Electronic Cigarettes eJuice Bottles Has A New Future

In the past, there have been a few incidents involving e-cigarettes’ juices and unfortunately kids who are getting their hands on it. Most of these incidents have turned out to be all right but they still have still raised alarm throughout the country that there needs to be better safety features on the eJuice bottles. […]

There Is A New And Surprising Ruling In New York

One case in New York has the potential to bring momentum to the e-cigarette cause. There was apparently a man who was vaping form his e-cig on a subway platform. A cop came across this and decided to gave him a smoking citation. The e-cig owner did not like this decision at all. He knew […]

Some Factors To Vaping

Exhaling – When you exhale out of your nose, you heighten of your sense of smell when vaping. This heightened sense makes the vaping experience way more enjoyable especially if experiencing the flavor is one of your favorite parts. An interesting fact about exhaling vapor through the nose is that nicotine known to be more […]

Flavors Being Used To Attract Minors?

These days a lot of our favorite e-liquids come in some of our favorite flavors. Anything from deserts to fruits and even some of the beverages we love. So of course any anti-smoking group is going to use this as ammunition to claim that e-cigarettes are trying to attract teen and the younger crowd. Don’t […]

Electronic Cigarettes: Toxic or Not?

Based off of recent studies, the argument that vapor causes damage to the lungs has proven to be false. The BAT (British American Tobacco), has given more backing to e-cigarette supporters.     With the help of MatTek Corporation, models of the human lung cells were made in order to go further with the study. […]

The Truth Behind The Effects Of Smokeless Tobacco

When you think of mouth cancer, normally people’s minds go to cigarettes right? Have you ever wondered about how smokeless tobacco affects your body? Thanks to 40+ years of study we know that there is significantly fewer incidents of mouth cancer in persons that use smokeless tobacco products vs. tobacco goods.   There are plenty […]

How E-Cigarettes Have Been Beating Tobacco Cigarettes

There is not a doubt in anyone’s mind anymore about how harmful smoking tobacco cigarettes can be for your body. They have proven to have the potential to reach every organ in your body to harm. They also will raise your risk for a smoking related disease. Knowing all of this, it is surprising that […]

What You Didn’t Realize About Your E-cig

A good majority of the time e-cigarettes are not getting cleaned as regularly as they should. Normally the thought doesn’t come until a gross build up appears on the e-cig, which most of experienced vapors have run into before. Many don’t know that the build up on the inside and out of your e-cig is […]

What Is Sub-Ohm Vaping?

Sub-ohm vaping has hit social media and has vapers interested. According to “Ohm’s Law”, all electricity should be taken seriously. The first rule of thumb is safety and caution since an ohm is a measure of electricity.   The older atomizers and cartomizers had a range of 1.5-2.8 ohms. Sub-ohm mods use atomizer coils that […]

New E-Cigarette Information Brings Some Positive News

Some new findings dealing with e-cigarettes are shocking to criticizers.   Globally, roughly 3.1 billion people are smokers. Unfortunately, this extreme number results in about 6 million smoking related deaths per year. Looking at the UK only, there are roughly 80,000 smoking related deaths each year. Adding to that troubling fact, for every one of […]