Monthly Archives: April 2016

Quitting Smoking with Vaping

The question of using vaping as a safe way for traditional cigarette smokers to quit or cut-down on their smoking is a hot topic of debate. Web MD explains current evidence suggests that smoking e-cigarettes may be safer than smoking traditional cigarettes. Tobacco products filled with toxins that are emitted when smoked is one of […]

Flavor Of The Week: Orange Tik Tak

A fond memory and a delicious flavor!  It delivers a tangy bright orange flavor with just the right amount of sweet.

Flavor Of The Week: Passion Fruit

Passion Fruit is a smooth and delightful fruit flavor that delivers the perfect amount of sweet! 

Flavor Of The Week: Honey Scotch Tobacco

Honey Scotch Tobacco is a stout tobacco blended with hints of butterscotch, and honey!

Flavor Of The Week: Pom Berry Blend

A deliciously bright mix of pomegranate, blueberry, and cream!

Secondhand Smoking VS Secondhand Vaping

The more popular that e-cigarettes are becoming, the more studies that have been done to prove and/or disprove their safety. From the few studies that have been conducted on the safety of electronic cigarettes, even fewer have come out with any negative findings. For the few studies that do find a small amount of “dangerous chemicals” […]