Monthly Archives: June 2016

Vaping-Facts-Vapers Choose Less Nicotine

Some Vapers are making a healthier choice when smoking to use e-juices that contain lower levels of nicotine, or none at all. This is good choice due to the potential health issues that may be associated with nicotine. For traditional tobacco smokers that switched to vaping, this is especially true. There is some level of […]

Flavor Of The Week – Caramel Macchiato

Sweet milk whipped to a froth with espresso and caramel poured on top!

Flavor Of The Week – Caramel Hazelnut

Sweet, toasted hazelnut coated with rich and creamy caramel.

Flavor Of The Week – Mango Melon Bliss

A perfect flavor for the summer season.  This liquid is an enticing blend of mango, honeydew, pomegranate, and raspberry! 

Vaping-Facts- What is an E-juice & Lab Created Liquids

E-juice is one of the main components used in vaping products. It is also called an e-liquid. The e-juice holds the flavors, and if any, the nicotine. The vapor that the vape smoker inhales is made from the heated e-juice. The heated liquid also makes the vapor cloud. There are a wide variety of flavors […]

Flavor Of The Week: Peach Cream Soda

A tasty juice that’s perfect for any time of the day.  Sweet peach blended with cream and a splash of cola creates this exotic flavor!

Flavor Of The Week: Royal Cigar

With a hearty and substantial taste our Royal Cigar e-liquid will satisfy your tobacco flavor needs without ever having to put your vape down!