Monthly Archives: September 2016

Pennsylvania Vape Tax Grows In Opposition

If you own a shop that sells vaping products in Pennsylvania, you will come across a 40 percent “floor tax” that pertains to every piece of merchandise you purchase. The new tax will be initiated on October 1, 2016 and is a hard hit for small business owners.   The 40 percent wholesale tax has […]

Flavor of the Week- Honey Scotch Tobacco

Honey Scotch Tobacco is a stout tobacco blended with hints of butterscotch, and honey!

Flavor Of The Week – Carmel Macchiato

Sweet milk whipped to a froth with espresso and caramel poured on top!

Vaping 101: The Basics And Common Misconceptions

You probably have heard about vaping, but actually you might not know much about the details. In addition, there are plenty of common misunderstandings surrounding the health affects of vaping compared to smoking. So that’s why this article is going to attempt to teach you the essentials of vaping. Let’s begin with “Vaping 101,” class […]

Flavor Of The Week: Honey O’s

An enticing blend of sweet milk, and the classic breakfast cereal honey nut cheerios.

Flavor Of The Week – Chocolate Chip Cookies

A rich and sweet flavor that delivers a smooth chocolaty exhale.