The 4 Tips Every Vaper Should Know
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Most new hobbies have some type of learning curve and vaping is no exception. If you’ve made the switch from traditional cigarettes then congratulations, your battle is already half-won. But there is still much to learn. From figuring out which device is right for you to choosing your e-liquids, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. But we’ve compiled a list of some essential vaping wisdom that any vaper can benefit from.


Here are four tips every vaper, new or old, should know:


1. Disassemble your device at night


We know, we know. This sounds tedious and unnecessary. Who wants to spend the time taking their device apart each night? But getting into the habit of removing your atomizer or vape tank, can help prevent leaks or spills that can irreparably damage the device.


2. Vape tanks will crack


It is a known vape community truth that not all tanks are created equal. And while some retailers may be upfront about the possibilities of their product warping or cracking, others aren’t so forthcoming. Note: cinnamon and menthol flavored liquids are to cause this. Many starter kits come with plastic tanks, but we (and most vapers) would recommend you upgrade to a glass one.


3. Mind your e-liquid maintenance


The quality of your vape depends on two things: your device and your juice. And just like your device, your juice needs a little TLC to take care of you. For one, always shake it before each use. This ensures proper mixing of PG, VG, and nicotine. Second never leave your juice in direct sunlight as this can degrade the intensity of your nicotine. Also, never allow your juice to “breathe” for longer than 30-min unless you want to decrease the flavor.


4. Baby your battery


The battery of your device is one of if not the most important part of the vape equation. Try to charge your device before your battery goes dead, but do not allow it overcharge or sit overnight. This can negatively impact the life of the battery. Never leave your battery sitting in direct sunlight or in a vehicle as this can cause explosions. And don’t use batteries with ripped wrapping, visible dents, or other damage.


After all is said and done, enjoy your vape and be safe. Be sure to stop into any one of our Vapor Galleria stores and try some of our incredible e-liquid flavors.