The Top Three Vape-Friendly Cities in the U.S.
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eCig Shop South LoopFor vapers who travel regularly or are planning on traveling, there are specific cities that will welcome you happily, while others should probably be avoided all together. As vaping remains misunderstood across the country, you’ll want to keep this list stored away for future reference.


So let’s get down to it. These are the top three vape friendly cities in the US:


Seattle, Washington


A city always one step ahead, Seattle, has constantly been recognized for its forward thinking. Hence it comes as no surprise that it currently ranks in the Top Ten Greenest Cities in America and as one of the best cities to vape. Seattle hosts over 175 diverse vape shops, vape-friendly nightclubs, restaurants, and coffee houses. Different from other major cities, you can witness people vaping in public on the street or even in malls.


Denver, Colorado


Denver made this list most outstandingly because it is the nation’s hub for legalized medical marijuana. While there is a ban on vaping on government property, it’s largely up to shop owners to establish their own policy. In fact, many places advertise directly to vapers.


Tampa, Florida


Aside from Tampa International being one of the vape friendliest airports in the nation, there are no existing restrictions on vaping in public. Probably due to the annual Vaping Convention Circuit (VCC), Tampa has been exceptionally lenient on its vaping regulations. It won’t be tough to find vape friendly beach bars, restaurants, or public parks.


So if you’re hoping to travel and vape, these are the best cities for you! You may also want to check out Las Vegas, Virginia Beach, Austin, and Washington D.C. Whichever city you pick, you should be able to find some sort of vape-friendly location—unless it’s Hawaii. Don’t go to Hawaii if you want to vape publicly indoors or out, you’ll face a significant fee.


Happy travels and happy vaping from Vapor Galleria South Loop Location!