Benefits of Buying at a Vapor Galleria Vape Shop
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2015-02-26 12.54.14With the vaping market becoming popular worldwide, the need for more vape shops has increased. Newly created vape shops don’t have the customer recognition that stores in longer-term markets have. Deciding what vape store to buy your vaping products from can be difficult. Vapor Galleria is a chain of vape shops that has been a staple in the vaping industry for several years. They have the experience and knowledge vaping customers are looking for. They not only sell high quality products but offer their customers a professional, upscale store environment.



Vapor Galleria was founded by CEO Gerald (Ed) Williams in 2013 to be a chain of vape stores that would have a different look and feel than industry standards. The environment of the stores became a more upscale, professional look and a lounge-like feel. E-liquid tasting bars added to the overall ambiance. The main focus of the franchise has always been high quality sales and world class customer service.



The e-liquids sold by Vapor Galleria Shops are made in their own state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. The facility technicians are knowledgeable and fully trained to produce the highest quality product. The manufacturing facility itself is climate controlled, humidity controlled, fully ventilated and sealed from outside air to ensure high quality standards. All the ingredients in the e-liquids are from high-grade and FDA approved products. The base ingredients are USP propylene glycol and USP Kosher vegetable glycerin. The European Chemical Industry association states that propylene glycol (PG) has been safely used in common products for over 50 years. It is rated with a low toxicity level and can be found in foods, medicines, cosmetics and other household items.

2015-02-26 12.54.51The other ingredients used in creating e-liquids is flavor extracts and nicotine. The flavor extracts are sourced from the best food grade products. The nicotine is pure and produced locally from within the United States. Before bottling, e-liquids are steeped to bring out the very best flavors.



When the Vapor Galleria chain opened they already had over a hundred flavor profiles created for their e-juices. The e-liquid flavors have a wide range from fruity such as grape, to savory such as New England cheesecake. The flavors are divided into five groups that include exotic, savory, fruity, tobacco and menthol. Propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin are used for the base mixture in the e-liquids due to the fact their combined product creates a smooth base to enhance the flavors. The base of an e-liquid is usually a mix of the two, although there are a few flavors that contain a higher level of the vegetable glycerin.



Come in to our Houston Vape Shop to experience the benefits of buying from Vapor Galleria. Browse our selection of quality vaping products. Sit down and relax at our e-liquid tasting bar and enjoy the different flavors of our in-house manufactured e-juices. Let our knowledgeable staff guide you through the e-liquid products and flavors and assist you with finding the ones best fit all of your personal vaping needs.



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8 May 2016