CBD Gummies: Can You Eat Just One?
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CBD-infused gummies are exploding in popularity right now, and one doesn’t need to look very far to understand why.


Soft, chewy, and sweet; CBD gummies do a perfect job at masquerading the hemp plant’s earthy taste which in turn can make the experience of taking cannabidiol much more enjoyable.


But despite the obvious improvement in taste, some people have questioned CBD gummies’ usefulness as a delivery method. In this article, we’ll go through the pros and cons of CBD oil gummies to find out what all the rage is about.


CBD gummies are discrete and easy to carry around


While vaping and tinctures are likely to draw attention on the streets, CBD gummies look harmless enough to pass unnoticed in the office, subway, or in a social reunion.


However, don’t let their cutesy appearance fool you. CBD-infused gummies are a CBD product first and foremost. The times of absorption may vary, but studies show that if adjusted for absorption rate,  gummies can have the same benefits as any other cannabidiol product.


Gummies typically come in 30-60 count bottles with a range of potencies that vary between 5-25 mg. Although there is no recommended dosage, typically taking 2 or 3 gummies can be enough to feel the effects.


Gummies could take longer to work but have longer-lasting effects than tinctures


Many consumers have reported that CBD gummies and edibles tend to have milder but longer-lasting effects than tinctures; something which could be of help to people who are constantly dealing with anxiety or stress and need something more than a quick fix.


Absorption rates could also vary widely according to the dosage method used. Tinctures and vaping could reach the bloodstream quicker and have a short but intense effect on the body. Edibles like gummies, on the other hand, could take longer to reach the brain since CBD needs to be metabolized first before it can be absorbed from the gut into the bloodstream. The process could reduce the potency of a CBD dosage, but this can be countered by increasing the size of the dose.


Not all gummies were made the same


As with any product which becomes successful, the CBD gummies boom has attracted a large number of imitators and shady businesses which will do anything to earn a buck.


When buying CBD gummies, always make sure that your product is 100% organic CBD, naturally flavored, contains no chemicals or solvents, and is manufactured using the superior CO2 hemp extraction method.


If you’re unsure about a product, or can’t get the info you need from the label, simply google the company to see if they are a reputable source, have a 100%  satisfaction guarantee, and if their product has been certified by a renowned third-party lab.


With life seemingly getting more stressful by the day, consumers want a product that can help them deal with their busy lives anytime, anywhere. CBD-infused gummies might be such a product, as its convenient presentation and longer-lasting effects could offer relief throughout the day.


So whether you’re dealing with anxiety, depression, or other mental problems; try taking a CBD bear or two. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find that CBD gummies were the answer you were looking for all along.



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