Common Vape Problems and Simple Solutions (Part 1)
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There is nothing worse than looking forward to a good vape session and having it derailed by something going wrong. Knowing how to fix device issues can get you back on the right track, heading towards the high-quality experience you deserve.

Here’s a little troubleshooting cheat sheet, because hey, issues can come up and sometimes you need a quick reference to straighten it out!

Tank Leakage

Tanks leaking are usually a man-made issue. The most common cause of leakage is over-saturation of the coil. This can happen from over-priming it initially but can also occur naturally as the coil sits and soaks in more liquid overnight as you sleep. A simple solution for the overnight cause is to just flip the tank upside down before going to bed. You can also fire the coil and blow in on the mouthpiece in the morning to help clear this over-saturation. Doing this two or three times each morning will help burn off that excess. Be careful not to do this too much without letting the coil rest or you could burn it up!

Another relatively common cause is that not enough power is being run to the coil. If the coil calls for 60 to 80 watts but you’re only running 35 watts then the coil will end up over-saturated and ultimately end up leaking. Most coils are kind enough to have the proper wattages required printed on the coil itself!

Finally, check your tank for hairline fractures in the glass or torn/worn-out o-rings. These are easy to overlook but can certainly contribute to a leaky tank. If you’re in need of new glass, o-rings, or are just looking for a new tank or some advice then stop on in to one of our Vapor Galleria stores and let us get you fixed up!

Weak Throat Hit

A lot of ex-smokers really like a good throat hit to accompany their vaping. This throat hit is a combination of PG and Nicotine. If you feel that you aren’t getting enough of a throat hit you could need to up the PG or Nicotine content of your vape.

Another way to mimic this throat hit is to up the power on your device. More power produces more vapor, which gives more opportunity for a better throat hit. If you’re in need of a more powerful device then drop on by one of our Vapor Galleria shops and let us show you what we’ve got to get you going!

Too Little Vapor

A lot of vapers really love to see some clouds when they’re vaping. VG is the main component of e-Liquid that helps produce the density that vapers like. Simply adding a bit of VG can really help thicken those clouds up!


You can also pump up the power on your mod to increase the vapor production. More power allows for more vape to be produced. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t go over the specs on your coil. If you’re in need of a more power mod or tank swing on by any of our Vapor Galleria shops and let us walk you through the process!