Don’t Like Stained Teeth, Science Says Switch to Vaping
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If you smoke or know someone who smokes, then you probably know all about the stains that coat teeth and fingers. Maybe you’ve even tried to make strides to reverse the effects by using whitening strips, whitening toothpaste, or other products. The solution to your dental staining woes may be right in front of you.


According to a new study released by scientists from British American Tobacco (BAT) last Saturday, e-cig vapor does not stain teeth like traditional cigarettes do.


For their study, the BAT scientists tested the effects of cigarette smoke versus e-cig vapor on cows’ teeth. Researchers incubated the teeth at body temperature in human saliva to simulate the conditions of the human mouth. Then they exposed the teeth to extracts of either e-cig vapor, cigarette smoke, or THP vapor.


Teeth exposed to the cigarette smoke extract began to show signs of discoloration almost immediately. Over the next two weeks, those same teeth became increasingly dark in color.


“Even with the naked eye, the color changes with the cigarette extract could be easily seen after one day,” researchers from the study said. Adding that “those exposed to e-cigarette or THP vapor exhibited minimal change in color, similar to untreated teeth.”


There are many substances in cigarettes that cause trouble for the human body but the substance responsible for that signature smokers’ staining is tar. An ingredient that e-cig vapor doesn’t contain. So, it makes sense that the staining potential would also be noticeably absent in e-cigs.


Are you ready to take back your teeth and clean up your act? Switching to vaping seems like a sensible way to put the sparkle back in your smile. Just add it to the growing list of benefits vaping offers over traditional cigarettes.