Does E-Juice Go Bad?
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Most people don’t think about expiration dates unless it concerns food but e-juice is one of those consumable products you would think never expires. But can e-juice go bad?  Let’s find out.


There is an expiration date on bottles of e-juice.  That date is merely a guess at how long the e-juice will be flavorful.  Most of the time, it’s about 2 years max, but some flavors can last as long as 5 years.


Store your e-juices in dark, cool areas like a cupboard. If you leave e-juice near sunlight, it will probably breakdown and lose its hearty flavor. The chemical composition changes because of the heat and UV rays, making the juice taste stale.


Things that spoil in e-juice are nicotine, PG, and VG. These 3 things have a shelf life. Once past the recommended date, there’s no guarantee that the flavor will be fresh.  Former smokers can tell you how horrible an old, stale cigarette tastes.  The same is true of e-juice.  If you enjoy a flavorful experience while vaping, keep it fresh.  Avoid heat and light.


If the e-juice components separate, shake the bottle. If they don’t easily mix back to “normal”, it’s probably time to toss the bottle.


Like food, if the e-juice smells a bit “off” you may want to buy a fresh bottle. It probably would cause no harm as stated earlier, but your vaping experience may not be as pleasurable.


Remember, when you purchase your e-juices, check the expiration dates, and don’t over buy even if it’s on sale. There will always be another sale. Just buy enough for a week or two. Not buying in huge quantities gives you the opportunity to try different flavors and use up your previously purchased e-juices before they expire.