Electronic Cigarettes eJuice Bottles Has A New Future
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Ecig atomizer and ejuice splash. High quality renderIn the past, there have been a few incidents involving e-cigarettes’ juices and unfortunately kids who are getting their hands on it. Most of these incidents have turned out to be all right but they still have still raised alarm throughout the country that there needs to be better safety features on the eJuice bottles.


There has been a bill around for a while now, called the Child Nicotine Poisoning Prevention Act, that has recently been unanimously passed by the US Senate’s Commerce Committee. This bill requires that all electronic cigarette eJuice bottles have childproof caps. This is good news for the many concerned by eJuice bottles lack of safety. It will be a big victory for the vaping community because the safety of eJuice bottles will not be in question anymore.


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