Electronic Cigarettes: Toxic or Not?
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Man with concealed identity smoking a vapeBased off of recent studies, the argument that vapor causes damage to the lungs has proven to be false. The BAT (British American Tobacco), has given more backing to e-cigarette supporters.



With the help of MatTek Corporation, models of the human lung cells were made in order to go further with the study. The study then introduced some cells tobacco smoke, some to vapor from e-cigarettes, and some to regular breathing air.



The results from the tobacco smoke were as expected because after 6 hours of being exposed to it, the cells began to die. When exposing the cells to vapor, the result was very different. There was no obvious damage to the cells after hours of being exposed. The outcomes were even described to be, “similar to the effects of air.” There will be more testing with these types of experiments in the future.


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