Flavors Being Used To Attract Minors?
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Flavors Being Used To Attract MinorsThese days a lot of our favorite e-liquids come in some of our favorite flavors. Anything from deserts to fruits and even some of the beverages we love. So of course any anti-smoking group is going to use this as ammunition to claim that e-cigarettes are trying to attract teen and the younger crowd. Don’t be fooled, using e-cigarettes is not cheap, even though compared to regular smoking you will save quite a bit. So saying teens are being targeted is a false statement.



Just to get started with e-cigarettes could run you from $30 to $150, not to mention refills and any other parts you need. Also, it is much easier for a minor to get a hold of a pack of regular cigarettes. Last time I checked many adults enjoy the different flavors e-cigarettes have to offer, so to say that is the reason for trying to attract minors is not fair or accurate.



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