4 Tips To Improve The Flavor Of Your Vape
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If you’re an experienced vaper you may have already come across the phenomenon of “vaper’s tongue,” or the diminished perception of the taste of your vape liquid.


This can happen for a multitude of reasons including flavor fatigue but it doesn’t have to. Below are three tips to help combat “vaper’s tongue” and keep your vape tasting great.


1. Switch Up Your E-Liquid Flavors


Flavor fatigue occurs when you vape with the same flavor for an extended period of time. The easiest way to address this is to mix up your flavors.


A lot of the initial allure of vaping stems from its seemingly endless possibilities of flavors. Here at Vapor Galleria, we offer flavors such as Fruity Pebbles, Unicorn Blood, and Key Lime Pie with many others available. In addition to pre-mixed e-liquids purchased at vape shops, many vapors might choose to mix their own, coming up with new and creative combinations to enjoy.


2. Check Your Vape Pen Settings


If you’re starting to notice the flavor of your vape falling flat, it may be worth checking the settings on your device.


Temperature and airflow are all important qualities that can affect the taste of your liquid.


3. Check the PG and VG ratio of your liquids


If you’re an experienced vaper you probably have a preferred Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin ratio for your liquids. If you’re a novice vaper you might want to note the PG and VG levels of liquids you particularly like.


Liquids with higher VG tend to produce thicker cloud-like vapor. While higher VG-containing liquids have a natural sweetness, they don’t carry flavor as well as PG. So if the flavor is your main concern, you might do well to switch to e-liquids with higher PG content. However, e-liquids with higher PG have a higher throat hit which can be harsh for many vapers.


50-50 ratios of PG to VG are ideal for most vapers, but feel free to experiment with other ratios to find the right one for you.


4. Cleanse Your Palate


It might be that your “vaper’s tongue” is the result of dehydration. PG and VG absorb moisture over time and long-term exposure can cause an oily film to coat your tongue and/or taste buds. Making sure to drink lots of water can help fight this.


Another solution is to suck on a lemon wedge, chew a few coffee beans, or any of the other palate-cleansing remedies.