What are the Reasons to Buy Premium Lab Created E-juice
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What are the Reasons to Buy Premium Lab Created E-juiceFor E-cigarettes and vaping their soul is the e-juice. This is often also called an e-liquid. The e-juice is where the flavor flows from. The popularity in vaping has created a wide variety of brands and flavors. Premium lab created e-juices are one of the best quality products available.


Premium lab created e-juices are manufactured in facilities that have an optimally controlled environment. They are produced by trained technicians. The ingredients are USP high grade and FDA approved products. This produces the smooth quality of a premium e-juice. E-juices made with lower quality ingredients can have inconsistent textures and flavors.


The two ingredients that make up the main base of an e-juice are propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG). Mixing the two products creates a smooth base. Propylene glycol is a chemical that can be found in common food and household products. It can be used as a flavor carrier in foods, an ingredient in food coloring and an additive in various medicines.


Vegetable glycerin is a plant based product that, according to Global Healing Center, is a clear, odorless liquid. It is made from plant oils such as palm, coconut or soy. The texture appears similar to an oil or syrup. Use in household products or foods requires it to be USP grade, which is a 99% pure vegetable glycerin product. Its many uses include lotions, shampoos and toothpastes.


There are a few other ingredients that make up an e-juice. They include water, flavorings and nicotine. The flavorings are from natural or artificial products. Premium E-juices are made with USP food grade flavors. There is a varying amount of nicotine used. There can be levels from 0mg to 24mg. Anything above 24mg is not recommended.


E-juices are a light sensitive product. When lab produced these products are manufactured and bottled to protect them from harsh light. Generally they are bottled in dark colored containers. The bottles have expiration dates and manufactured dates. This is to ensure you are purchasing the freshest product available. Purchase new flavors of e-juices in small quantities to ensure you don’t end up with flavors you aren’t going to use.


There are a wide variety of lab produced flavors. The flavors of e-juices range from fruity to exotic. There are tobacco and menthol flavors available for a more traditional cigarette-like taste. E-juices are also available with a higher vegetable glycerin content. They are known as high VG flavors. Vape smokers who may be allergic or sensitive to propylene glycol may find a higher VG flavor works best for them. A higher VG e-juice will produce a larger vapor cloud. For unique tastes mix and match lab produced e-juices to fit your personality.


Varieties of brands and flavors for e-juices seem endless. Come try out our line of premium quality eJuices at our Houston TX eJuice bar with new flavors and different brands where our knowledgeable employees can assist you with sorting through the many types of e-juices available. They can guide you to the e-juices that are best for your vaping needs. Be spunky, try out a new flavor today.



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