Secondhand Smoking VS Secondhand Vaping
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Cig VS E-cigThe more popular that e-cigarettes are becoming, the more studies that have been done to prove and/or disprove their safety. From the few studies that have been conducted on the safety of electronic cigarettes, even fewer have come out with any negative findings.


For the few studies that do find a small amount of “dangerous chemicals” in the vapor, they always tend to leave out once crucial thing…clarity. Don’t you think that if there was a huge toxic risk and  a ton of dangerous chemicals in e-cig vapor then that risk would have been made more public by now? They always make a big deal about the fact that there is “dangerous chemicals” in the vapor but they never mention the amounts. Actually, they don’t even mention if the levels found are at all harmful for anyone around the vapor. Don’t get caught taking facts out of context, get all of the information about e-cig vapor.


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