Some Factors To Vaping
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 Some Factors To VapingExhaling – When you exhale out of your nose, you heighten of your sense of smell when vaping. This heightened sense makes the vaping experience way more enjoyable especially if experiencing the flavor is one of your favorite parts. An interesting fact about exhaling vapor through the nose is that nicotine known to be more easily absorbed through the membranes in the nose. Considering that it is tough to have high levels of nicotine mixed with high temperatures, this is a good method of keeping high temperatures with low nicotine levels yet still getting more nicotine per hit.


Air Holes – Your tank’s airflow plays a significant roll in the vaping experience. There are little air holes that are closed in order to restrict airflow and mimic a tight pull similar to how a cigarette would pull. The airholes create a pressure that allows the vapor more easily keep in your mouth before inhaling.


Drip Tips – Another important part of inhaling when vaping is the drip tips. There is a wider drip tip that allows the appropriate amount of air that goes best with direct lung hits. The more narrow drip tips are better off for the mouth to lung method of vaping.


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