The Truth Behind The Effects Of Smokeless Tobacco
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close up portrait of a man smoking an e-cigaretteWhen you think of mouth cancer, normally people’s minds go to cigarettes right? Have you ever wondered about how smokeless tobacco affects your body? Thanks to 40+ years of study we know that there is significantly fewer incidents of mouth cancer in persons that use smokeless tobacco products vs. tobacco goods.


There are plenty of persons who have opposing views towards consuming smokeless tobacco products and claim that they do in fact produce more damage than some are letting on. Some of the people that are the most heavily against smokeless tobacco are dentists. Several have argued that they have seen plenty of cases of mouth cancer triggered by some kind of smokeless tobacco products. Is this really the case? By breaking down some facts, we can get a good clue of how true this claim really is.


There has been more inquiry to figure out if these details are correct. We will use Oklahoma as an example due to them being, on average, 11% greater than the nations average of instances of mouth cancer per year. According to the SEER program at the National Cancer Institute, the national incidence rate for mouth cancer is 23 cases per 100,000. Comparing with Oklahoma, they have census dada showing there are 716,468 men age 45+ so we can say that 183 cases of mouth cancer per year.


The best part is when the final numbers are calculated. Oklahoma has 2038 dentists presently working. When factoring out all of the numbers, it breaks down to each dentist would see only one case of mouth cancer every 11 years. The realities are clear that the dentists’ claims are false.


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