Trying to get bigger clouds? Here’s how:
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There are many of us in the vaping community that like to think big. No, not the “exotic cars and huge mansions” kind of big. We’re talking about cloud production. Trying to achieve those big and fluffy plumes that fill the room. Let’s go over some key factors for making serious clouds happen.


First and foremost, you’ve got to use the right e-liquid. They’re typically made of vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) with a few flavors. Plus, of course, nicotine—unless you’ve completely kicked it to the curb. PG is the thinner liquid in your juice that provides your “throat hit,” but what we want to focus on is the vegetable glycerin. VG is the thicker portion of e-liquid that gives better flavor due to its natural sweetness, but is mainly responsible for creating clouds. It’s important to pay attention to the ratios of PG/VG in your e-juice selection. Higher amounts of VG will result in a thicker liquid, which results in dense, thick cloud production.


Next, we move on to part one of the dynamic duo that helps with cloud production: airflow. Bigger is better, and more air passing over your coils will carry larger amounts of vapor while keeping it cool. Greater airflow and cooler vapor allow you to take longer inhales to create considerably sized clouds. The second part? Choosing the right coils. You’ll want to use a device that offers dual, triple, or quad coil configurations. The larger surface area from these multi-coil setups will allow a much more significant amount of e-liquid to be vaporized at once. Just be sure to grab a device that can handle the battery drain that comes with heating those beastly coils. We suggest a mod that holds 2 or more rechargeable 18650 cells. While there are devices that support 3 or 4 batteries at once, you always have the option of carrying an extra set with you as long as they’re properly stored in a protective case.