Vaping 101: A Huge Problem For New Vapers
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vape shopNew vapers have a large number to consider at the beginning of their vape journey, especially if they are previous smokers. Smoking and vaping are certainly not the same thing in the context of health, devices, and complexity. Some new vapers purchase subpar e-juice, break their devices, or inhale too deeply. However, there is one simple mistake that every vaper has probably learned from and that is: failing to bring a backup.


Why is this a worry and mutual mistake that new vapers make? Well firstly, previous smokers are used to easy access to cigarettes. If you run out, then you can just take a quick trip to the gas station or take one from a friend. With vaping, the parts are more difficult to come across and you really can’t just take a mod from a friend. Trust that there is nothing more frustrating in the vape world than being out without a backup device.


This is especially detrimental for new smokers because if they are caught off guard, then you may be tempted to open up a pack of cigarettes. Not good at all for those quitters. So you basically have two solutions: carry additional supplies or carry a backup vape.


Carrying additional supplies entails carrying backup liquid, spare batteries, and spare coils. Another preference is to carry a power-bank if your device doesn’t have a removable battery, but it does take some time to charge. Moreover, when carrying a backup vape, you probably want to choose a lighter and simpler device. Remember that it’s just a backup and doesn’t have to match up against your main vape. So this backup may have smaller watts, but a higher mg. This is so you can vape longer until your main vape is up and working again.


So think ahead not only because a dead battery is frustrating, but also to stay on track with your vape journey. Find all the necessary backup supplies you need at your local South Loop vape shop.