Vaping 101: Should You Puff Like A Smoker Or Vaper?
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If you’re new to vaping, then you probably need some advice when it comes to what the best devices to use are, best flavors, and of course best techniques for the best vaping experience. In this article we’re going to cover how you can get more nicotine out of your vaping session. Hint: it has to do with how much you inhale.


Research has demonstrated that new vapors/switching smokers do not get the same level of nicotine while vaping even if the device is the same and set to the same settings. What that means is that there is something about the technique that’s going wrong. If you’re purchasing e-juice with various nicotine levels, then you probably want to get the most out of what you paid for. So we’re going to tell you how.


When smoking, a strong, sharp puff is what produces more smoke. However, vaping is completely opposite. Your vaping device’s coil is activated when pressing the “fire button” (typically), thus releasing a fixed amount of energy for as long as it is active. As a result, inhaling deeper does nothing and what you should actually be paying attention to is taking slower puffs and keeping the button pressed down for a longer amount of time. It’s that easy! Your vaping experience can be greatly improved with this one tip.


The studies have proven that this is the technique vapors need to employ if they want more nicotine. So if you’re using nicotine in your e-juice, start taking slower puffs, because smoking is certainly not the same as vaping.


For more help on vape technique and finding the right vape products, visit your local New Forest vape shop. Your local vaping experts can help you get started on your journey to an enjoyable non-smoking, healthier experience. Happy vaping!