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Screen-Shot-2016-05-20-at-2.13.32-PM-240x300Some Vapers are making a healthier choice when smoking to use e-juices that contain lower levels of nicotine, or none at all. This is good choice due to the potential health issues that may be associated with nicotine. For traditional tobacco smokers that switched to vaping, this is especially true. There is some level of nicotine in all tobacco products. Some vapor products do contain nicotine, but unlike traditional cigarettes there is a wide variety of levels vape smokers can choose from, including nicotine-free products. This is a better alternative for traditional tobacco smokers who are attempting to quit or cut back on their use of tobacco products.


E-juices are made up of several ingredients, including nicotine. This is the liquid in vaping devices that has the flavor, and nicotine. Manufactured e-liquids have products that contain nicotine levels ranging from zero to under 50mg. The most common level is between 10mg to 12 mg.


Traditional tobacco cigarettes all contain some amount of nicotine. Ultra-light cigarettes have the smallest quantity with about 6mgs. Regular cigarettes have about 10mg to 15mg of nicotine. Full-flavor cigarettes contain about 18mg.


Electronic Cigarette Review list the marketing levels of nicotine in e-juices. They span from non-nicotine up to XXX High Density products.


From lowest to highest:

  • Non-nicotine- Completely nicotine-free e-juice.
  • Low Density- Approximately 6mg. Close to the same nicotine level as light or ultra-light tobacco cigarettes.
  • Medium Density- Contains around 10mg to 15mg of nicotine. Somewhat like regular tobacco cigarettes.
  • High Density- Approximately 18mgs of nicotine. Equivalent to a full-flavored tobacco cigarettes.
  • X High Density- An amount higher than most regular cigarettes. Contains around 25mg.
  • XX High Density- One of the higher levels of nicotine at 36mg. quite a bit more than most traditional tobacco cigarettes.
  • XXX High Density- Among the highest levels of nicotine, at just under 50mg. This is close to five times the amount of nicotine in a traditional tobacco cigarette.



Nicotine amounts in e-juices can be high, but vapers have the ability to choose the levels they use. There are a variety of vape devices that come with refillable cartridges. Vape smokers can change, or mix and match the flavors of e-juices, and the amount of nicotine they consume. There is a wide variety of e-juice flavors for the vape smoker to enjoy, with or without nicotine. Nicotine strengths can differ from the variety of manufacturing techniques used.


With e-juices vapers can decide every time they smoke what nicotine levels they want, including no nicotine. This ability to choose a nicotine-free smoke is a better alternative than the lack of choices in traditional tobacco products. No tobacco cigarettes are nicotine-free. Vaping products including e-cigarettes are, in general, all tobacco-free. Some vaping products do contain nicotine, but there are a variety of products that are nicotine-free. Come visit us in our Houston Vapor Store for assistance in finding e-juices that fit your individualized tastes and nicotine level needs. Our knowledgeable employees can help you to choose the vaping products to satisfy all your needs.



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