Vaping vs. Cigarettes: The Cold Hard Facts
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While switching to e-cigarettes and vaping can’t solve all the health issues current smokers face, there is now more and more evidence mounting that vaping as an alternative is far less harmful than previously claimed.


Here are the facts about vaping and smoking laid out side-by-side:




  • Comes with and without nicotine: 0mg-24mg
  • Other ingredients: Vegetable glycerin (VG) to carry flavor, Propylene Glycol (PG) to produce vapor, Flavorings.
  • Annual deaths from vaping: No data available
  • Responsible for 243 “battery explosions” since 2007
  • Annual cost of vaping (frequent vaper):  approx. $720
  • Long-term effects of vaping: No data available





  • Average nicotine levels: 9mg
  • Other ingredients: Tar, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, ammonia, hydrogen cyanide, arsenic, DDT, lead (43 known cancer-causing agents and 400 other toxins).
  • Annual deaths from cigarettes: 480,000.
  • Responsible for 90,000 smoking-material fires in 2011 alone.
  • Annual cost of smoking (a pack a day):  approx. $4300
  • Long-term effects of smoking: cancer, asthma, emphysema