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Vaping Is Not Smoking: It’s A Safe Alternative

Vaping doesn’t have receive a huge amount of love these days especially when it comes to teenagers vaping. In spite of various sources suggesting that vaping has caused an increase in teen tobacco use, this was proven to be untrue. Even when teens said they vaped, most who have vaped use flavorings/e-juice free of nicotine. […]

Is Vaping For You?

Maybe you’ve heard of vaping and maybe you know a few friends who are regular vapers, yet you’re still not absolutely sure it’s for you. That’s normal and completely understandable. That’s why we’re going to break it down for you today and help you figure out whether or not vaping is for you.   What […]

New Cancer Research Backs Vaping Over Smoking

If you are already a participant in the world of vape, then you know that there are individuals, groups, and whole governments that are enthusiastically working against vaping. Numerous tend to use misconceptions about the dangers of vaping for their justification. However, what these people are hearing and siting are often mainstream, false narratives. Luckily, […]

The Benefits Of Smoking Vs. Vaping

Certain people might say that smoking has its benefits that which vaping doesn’t. And they would be right to say that. Nevertheless, when you lay the facts side-by-side, those people might not feel the same way. Let’s see if swapping to vaping will deprive smokers of some necessary life benefits.   Access To Smoking  If […]

A Year In Review For Vaping

Vaping continues to be a relatively new concept and custom and it has certainly been at the center of culture and controversy. With all the attention that vaping has produced, there were sure to be some strong-willed opponents and persevering heroes. With all the exposure that vaping has had in this past year, it only […]

Vaping 101: What Is A Throat Hit?

Have you heard of the popular vaping phrase, “throat hit?” Some people can only explain it by saying “you know when you feel it.” The existence of nicotine is what you are feeling in a throat hit. If you’ve ever tried to inhale a cigar, then you’ve felt the sensation at its absolute “worst.”   […]

Vaping 101: A Huge Problem For New Vapers

New vapers have a large number to consider at the beginning of their vape journey, especially if they are previous smokers. Smoking and vaping are certainly not the same thing in the context of health, devices, and complexity. Some new vapers purchase subpar e-juice, break their devices, or inhale too deeply. However, there is one […]

Vaping 101: Should You Puff Like A Smoker Or Vaper?

If you’re new to vaping, then you probably need some advice when it comes to what the best devices to use are, best flavors, and of course best techniques for the best vaping experience. In this article we’re going to cover how you can get more nicotine out of your vaping session. Hint: it has […]

Could Vaping Help Lower Your Blood Pressure?

Cardiovascular disease and stroke are primary sources for premature death. Having high blood pressure is a significant factor that will push you towards an unlucky future. Additionally, maintaining an unhealthy weight and missing physical activity isn’t helpful. Smokers who comprehend this phenomenon grapple with the choice to quit and lower their blood pressure or to […]

Public Opinion On Vaping Is Characterized By Falsities

A new study published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, produced data that demonstrates how a majority of the American public is falsely informed on the practice of vaping. Public opinion has shifted from highlighting the benefits of vaping to promoting falsities and inaccurate statements. Many would see it to be a result of political […]